Our vision is to inspire planetary self-organization, well being, and creative freedom through Synergistic Cocreation >

A New Era of Synergy Awaits

Welcome to Noomap. We are passionate about inspiring boundless and diverse creativity through the development of synergistic, cocreative environments. Our solutions invite humanity to enter a noo domain of interconnectivity, where we get to witness and explore the infinite potential of our gifts and resources when they are openly shared and synergized.

“Synergy shows us that what we have together is greater than what we have or can do alone. Synergy can quantum leap humanity out of its post-industrial decline in to an era of unparalleled creativity, cooperation and possibility”


The Co-creator Generation

Synergy Hubs invite us to engage in a different way socially and become a ‘Co-creator’. The Co-creative path is a lifestyle alternative for socially motivated people, groups and businesses, appealing to the purposeful outlook of the millennial generation and cultural creatives.