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Gifting the Way – The Noomap Story

At Noomap, we don’t just theorise about the possibilities of a gift culture – we live and embody gifting every day. The seed team’s visionary stewardship holders have unconditionally gifted forward their fully-devoted time, energy, focus, skills, IP, and resources to bring the project into being across four years.  We have freely given all of our own money, personal savings and income and some of us have even given our homes!  We hub from place to place, sleeping in motels, on sofas, in rental cottages, in vans and on floors; we exchange skills for living expenses and provisions.  We share our existing resources between us and we give any income to the person in our team who most needs it.  We help each other out and look out for each other in whatever ways we can, knowing that by supporting each other, we support ourselves.  We are our own embryonic microcosmic ecosystem of a gifting culture, meaning we know this kind of world isn’t a theory, it’s a way of life that is entirely possible.

Some people believe we are rationalizing ‘poverty consciousness’ – we believe following your passions, gifting and living in the ‘right now’ is abundance whereas acquiescing to social conditioning, and sacrificing dreams for false security and comfort is actually poverty consciousness.  One of the greatest forms of poverty is a heart made destitute by a world that no longer knows how to love thy neighbour as thyself.

Although we have been offered investments that would make this path seemingly unnecessary, we have chosen to continue living the gift because a lot of the funds offered thus far are conditional and compromise the project’s vision.  People often only want a financial part of Noomap if they can significantly profit from its development or control the project’s direction, which generally includes controlling the people involved.  One of our core values at Noomap is creating structures that acknowledge the equality of every person’s gifts, whether the co-creator brings money, genius, connections or a shoulder to lean on.  Having freedom and control over our own creative impulses is essential to creating a culture where we are able to be ‘boss’ of ourselves and shed the tendency to control and be controlled.  Gifting Noomap is part of breaking the spiral of human creative oppression.

Activation Community

Trusting in the Gifts of the Community

Of course, living the gift has only been possible because of the broader gift consciousness and generosity of the community around us who have equally given unconditionally to Noomap’s development.  Over the past 2.5 years of our journey, we have been supported technically, creatively and spiritually by our immediate community through gifting. We calculate, from a more traditional and limited financial lens, that we’ve shared over 2 million dollars of resources, support, and gifts. This spans the gamut from meals to accommodations, to money to work spaces, time, skills, support, healing, entertainment, travel, and wisdom, and life defining experiences. We have inspired others to gift into the project, which has allowed us to maintain a different energy, which transcends traditional business, investment, startups and monetary systems of value and exchange.

Most importantly, we have been the recipients of a true abundance of unconditional love, inspiration and spirit. Noomap is a living experiment and successful testament to the New Story of a Gift Civilization in emergence. Many of us acknowledge the popular quote by Einstein that no problems can be solved within the same consciousness that created them; Noomap has been birthed from and continues to be co-created within a new gift consciousness.