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Holonic Technology

Noomap is a novel breakthrough internet technology innovation purpose-built to empower Synergistic Co-creation.  Prophecised by a generation of futurists, Noomap is a catalytic enabling technology for a dawning age of collaboration.  Mimicking the most powerful computer on the planet – the human mind – Noomap invites users to play in the powerful and magical universe of a global brain simulation.  Heralded by Teilhard de Jardin as humanity’s omega point, Noomap’s digital brain awakens our fullest creative potential as a conscious and wholly interconnected species.

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Cellular Data Storage – Holons

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    Holons - cellular data storage

    Noomap stores data in holons, mimicking the cellular and interconnected way our brains organise information.  Holons are circular, grabbable and graphical cells of data.  They can be visually arranged in maps, cloned, copied, mailed, shuffled, nested and clustered.  Any kind of information can be ‘holonified’ – a blog, an idea, a book, a presentation, a video.  Using holons instead of websites and web pages is akin to using MP3 instead of CDs; it’s simply a way more versatile and creative way to interact with information.
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    Holon Types - perception tags

    Holons are like our thoughts, so we tag each one as a type of perception.  This classification enables Noomap to organise information with global, human-like intelligence.
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    Holon Decks - holon groups for co-creating and gaming

    Noomap provides different types of holons for different purposes, which are grouped together into different kinds of holon decks.
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    Holonic Addressing and Sharing - publish holons

    All holons can be given their own address and can be embedded in existing websites and applications so they can be easily shared.
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    Universal Holon Deck - the essentials

    The Universal Imaginal Deck is group of holons made available to all Noomap users.  It includes the staple holons we can all use to co-create and collaborate – Desires, Passions, Visions, Intentions, Resources, Skills and Communities.

Fractal Browsing

Noomap’s browser enables us to view and store holons as ‘fractals’.  Every holon can be broken down into other holons which can be stored ‘Russion Doll’ fashion inside each other.  Using the fractal browser we see all the interconnections for any holon, viewing it in whole, in part or as a fractal network of wholes and parts.  A book, for example, can be sent to someone in its entirety, as a chapter, or as a page.

Quantum View and Fractal Storage

Holons can be cloned (not the same as copied!), which enables them to be used and viewed in many places at once.  When the holon is changed in one place, it automatically changes everywhere.  This means every user can create their own data store, mashing up information in a way that is useful from their own perspective.

Fractal Networking

Noomap is a fractal networking technology with a multitude of applications.  It combines the features of websites, social networks, crowd-funding platforms and more!  Comparisons aren’t that useful, because nothing that exists is like Noomap.

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    Imaginal Resonance - synergise with heart resonant co-creators

    In Noomap we can express our imaginal desires and relationships such as visions, dreams, passions, intentions and resonance.  In the Noomap universe, these forces are recognised as universal sources of creativity, expansion, harmony, contentment, community and fulfilment.  Noomap’s synergy engine uses these shared motivators to bring users into meaningful and creative relationships that inspire co-operation and inner satisfaction.
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    Imaginal Gift Exchange - share more than money

    Users can exchange resource holons using monetary currency or use other holons as an exchange such as a skills, connections and actions.  Noomap also invites users to gift holons without condition and acknowledges unconditionality in its synergy algorithms. 
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    Generative Conversation - convert conversations into creativity

    Every time people chat or have a conversation thread in Noomap, there is an opportunity to convert parts of the conversations into Holons.  This means we can use the magic of conversation to generate ideas, and then easily ‘extract’ from the conversation these ideas and associated resources, skills, insights, and more so they can be used for creative purposes.  As we all know, online conversations are often a breeding ground for wisdom and insights that get lost in chat threads – not anymore in Noomap. 


The synergy engine is Noomap’s answer to Google though far more powerful.  It is the part that is most like having access to Doctor Xavier’s Cerebro device in the X-men or being telepathic!  The synergy engine uses synergy algorithms to identify the connections between holons floating around in the Noosphere.  Synergies are relationships that naturally serve each other based on the holon type and resonance, such as the obvious synergies that may occur between, for example, desire holons (eg ‘I desire a car’) and resource holons (eg ‘I have a car to give away).

Synergies can be displayed as singular holons, or as fractals in a giant map, so that a person can view all the different synergies available at the flick of a synergy switch!

Fun and Games

Noomap is designed to be a joyous, fully embodied experience that is fun and interactive.  Life is a playground, set your inner child free!

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    Gaming - co-creating is fun

    Holon decks can be used to create games that can be enjoyed on and offline.
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    Immersive Technology - desks are old news!

    Holons break free of the text-based computing paradigm!  They are fun to play and interact with using gesture, multitouch and touchscreen technology.  Community tables, surfaces and games can be created for group settings and more immersive interactions.
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    Noola AI- intelligent, loving assistance

    Noola is an integrated Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).  Because she uses Noomap’s brainlike structure, she has neural capabilities similar to a human!  Noola can facilitate your interactions with Noomp, meaning less time at the desktop.
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    Reality Switching- switch between inner and outer universes

    Noomap connects perceptual space (made up of holons) with geographic space and time space.  Users can jump between spaces to explore holons in different contexts.  For, example, event holons can be viewed in time space to view their sequencing (similar to a calendar).

Noomap is in Prototype Format

Noomap has been built and is working as a prototype, with all its foundational features modeled.  Across the next three years, we will be building a full release version of the software.  Find out here how you can get involved and support its development.


Noomap enables all users to determine access to each and every holon they publish; who sees the data is entirely up to the user.