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Seed Hub Team

Seed Hub Team

Noomap’s seed team of holonic activators are the project’s vision holders and work on behalf of the network to co-ordinate development, co-creation and engagement. The seed team is fluid and includes dedicated activators as well as a broader circle of ‘roving’ co-creators who support the project in ad hoc ways. As the project expands, so will the seed team.

All seed team activators are artists in their own right, inspired by their own missions and life purpose.

Noomap’s seed team work in alignment with the values of co-creation and are bonded by friendship, shared intentions and self-alignment. The structure is more akin to being a family than a business – welcome to our field.

Andrea Harding (Tan), Synergistic Structures

Having played an instrumental role in designing and delivering digital management systems to the UK tourism industry across the last decade on behalf of regional and national government, Andrea is comfortable in bringing large technology innovations into form. A natural innovator, Andrea has already run three of her own businesses and has received several marketing and digital enterprise awards including a nomination by the Tourism Institute for the Queen’s Award for Industry. With a passion for living in the heart, a first class degree in Communications and skills in healing, marketing, technology, business support and development, economic regeneration and team dynamics, Andrea is excited that Noomap brings her drives in life into a singular purpose.


Sheri Herndon, Network Development

Sheri is a pioneering evolutionary social architect and visionary at the nexus of social networks, conscious evolution, positive media,and co-creation. Her background includes teaching film at UW; serving as News Director at KEXP public radio; launching non-profits, coalitions, creating international conferences and award- winning content. In 1999, she co-founded Indymedia and spent four years birthing an open source/open publishing global media network, a catalyst for citizen journalism worldwide. Sheri is like a human radio beacon for Noomap’s communities with her finger constantly on the pulse of what is emerging and evolving within the Noosphere.


Chris Larcombe (Larky), Noospheric Systems

Chris designed Noomap upon leaving academia, with a first class BSc degree in Computer Science, Masters (distinction) in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems and PhD work in cognitive developmental (epigenetic) robotics. Chris is a genius computer whizz-kid and humanitarian rolled into one whose scientific acumen penetrates straight to creative possibilities that go way beyond our current understandings. Think Iron Man meets Einstein and Terrence McKenna!


Bret Warshawsky, Gift Civilisation

Bret has been on a spiritual journey of self inquiry and expression since the age of 19. That has been and is his vocation. Bret is also Noomap’s maverick visionary intent upon participating in a new cultural story, a paradigm of co-creation and abundance for all. Bret loves to experience people and communities connecting through their dreams, resources and gifts. He sees the possibilities for collaboration and co-creation as our doorway to a loving and novel planetary culture of prosperity and spiritual philanthropy. Bret’s background in mental health campaigning, psychosocial rehabilitation and new paradigm projects give him the ‘inside story’ on what planetary healing looks like personally and collectively.

What Bret loves to do and what he’s good at…
  • Intuitive Networking, Resonance Recruiter
When a project, community, or similar is looking to connect with people, ideas, other aligned projects, etc, and/or resources, I love to try and make those introductions and connections for them.
  • Community Connector
I enjoy establishing and nurturing relationships between our networks and for the noomap community I am part of.
  • Joint Adventurer
Going forward more-so now, I am excited about finding possibilities for people, projects and resources to synergize with each other. In the old paradigm this would be biz development I suppose.
  • Visionary Troubadour
Travelling between communities, projects and events to share the story of what’s unfolding in my world, our worlds. Also, transmitting the energy and DNA of these communities, projects and events throughout the networks.
  • Spiritual Philanthropy
Sharing my vision and current reality for a Holographic Economy and Gift Civilization. Investing our whole selves into consciousness through unconditional love. My mission, as part of this, is to bring the ‘new paradigm’ into unconditional funding through Gift Consciousness.


Nigel Anthony, Resources

Nigel is passionate about mapping communities and resources, connecting with people heart to heart, and helping to make the invisible visible in service to the emerging gift economy and socially inspired movements. He is an holistic accountant for individuals, social enterprises and non profits and has been a project manager and auditor on systems implementations with large multi-nationals. He takes care of the Noomap’s finances and resources and related due diligence. Nigel is probably one of Noomap’s most extraordinary members, keeping Noomap’s ambitious futuristic vision integrated with the current world of finance and corporate governance. Not a job for the faint hearted!


Duke Houston, Design

Duke grounds the power of Noomap’s evolutionary social connection technology solidly in user-centered design.  His goal at Noomap: to capture the vibrant spirit of Noomap’s forward-thinking philosophy in an esthetically beautiful and functionally graceful UI that’s so engaging and intuitive to work with it feels like play.  Duke has been a visual designer and UI/UX architect since the Apple II+ walked the Earth, contributing to a wide range of innovative projects from the first ever desktop publishing software to the latest web and mobile apps.  His design sense is formed at the intersection of imagination and pragmatism, intuition and analytic thought, fun and functionality, and informed by his long industry experience and an undying childlike love of what comes next.