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Seeking Resonant Co-creators to Join Our Next Stage of Growth and Development

Dear Friends.  The Noomap community is seeking resonant co-creators to join our next stage of growth and development. We have some exciting and significant opportunities on the horizon which require us to evolve our social and digital technologies, and communications and expression. It’s time for Noomap to become a more visible participant in the collective conversation and it’s time for us to activate more effectively in bringing Noomap from prototype into a community co-created beta experience. In order to take these next steps, we are inviting resonant co-creators to gift forward some of their genius, passions and resources.

At this moment, whether through crowdfunding and/or community investment and/or through philanthropists and evolutionary investors, we are approaching the time when Noomap will attract and receive the abundant funding it has been calling in. This will enable our core team, and the greater team to come, to be fully liberated, nourished, and activated to walk our destiny paths with absolute well-being, freedom and the ability to respond fully to our collective calling.

Co-creators Sought

In order to take these next steps, and call it all in, we acknowledge our interdependence on the genius and gifts of others to enhance, expand and enliven what we have co-created thus far. We are inviting resonant co-creators to practice what we practice and gift forward some skills, time and wisdom through their arts and passions. We can collaboratively discover how this gifting and receiving works for all, and we can discuss future gift-backs for everyone who contributes. Nevertheless, everything starts with an unconditional gift in our story. This is not about free, this is about your evolutionary and integral investment that is intrinsically fulfilling, and beneficial to the whole, and the spectrum of wealth that can be realized through return on intentions, return on imagination, and return on integral investments. We welcome the exploration and are open to the reality that often we don’t know what we don’t know. We co-create in Noomap through the field of unknowing, embodying emergence, gifting, syntony, synchronicity, resonance and more.

In the now, with the aforementioned opportunities for Noomap on the horizon, we are seeking specifically, the following resonant co-creators:

  • Funding – Evolutionary Investors and Philanthropists and Gifters
  • Designers, Artists and Media Producers who create media such as graphics, animation and videos
  • Coders to work on the back and front-end of Noomap; this includes HTML, Javascript, CSS, Node.js, Pixi.js
  • Social Media specialists – to help maintain, expand and enhance Noomap’s social media presence and ‘buzz’
  • WordPress design and content management specialists to develop and maintain the website’s content and styling
  • Communications specialists – support needed in PR, brand evolution and direction, marketing, general media production
  • GUI/UX specialists
  • Co-creation Facilitators
  • Teal/Evolutionary Business Developers
  • Legal Advice/Specialist, Business Advice/Specialist, Accounting,International
  • Open Source Expertise from FOSS to the spectrum of variations


If you feel attracted to learn more, or jump in and begin exploring co-creation with us, please let us know, and share with friends that you intuit might be interested.


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Co-creating Noomap

Living Gift Culture

One of Noomap’s primary intentions is to stimulate a gift culture.  This principle sees us gifting forward our resources to others, with our greatest gift being our own skills, genius and imagination.  Noomap desires to participate in the activation of a gift economy, where each gift contributes to the creation of an infinite gifting vortex, creating more abundance for all.  Find out more about our gifting ambitions and how Noomap has been resourced so far through gifting and sharing – for more information check out Gifting the Way, The Noomap Story.

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