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Synergy Hubs

Synergy Hubs are novel environments for Synergistic Co-creation that operate through Noomap’s groundbreaking holonic internet technology platform.  Across the next three years, we will be inviting pioneering communities across the world to launch the first planetary network of Synergy Hubs.  The equivalent of a website on the Noomap platform, the first Synergy Hubs will interoperate to offer communities across the world groundbreaking opportunities to participate in Synergistic Co-creation and in the process launch a whole new online ‘web 3.0’ operating system based on holons.

What Is A Synergy Hub?

A Synergy Hub is a place where any group or community (including businesses, organisations, friendship circles, places) with a shared creative vision or intention can synergise for the purposes of co-creation.  At the heart of the Hub is a vision (or series of visions) that the community shares to do something – this could be something like creating a project together or collaborating to solve a business problem through to figuring out how to clean up the local neighborhood or respond to a public crisis.  Noomap’s Synergy Engine catalyses co-creation and collaboration by synergising and synchronising in data being shared by communities.

Activating the Synergy Hub Network

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What’s Different About A Synergy Hub?

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 01.17.54Our planet has not been able to experience the true potential of synergy because of the way we have organised our lives, systems and information into ‘closed’ and boxed off structures and silos.  The internet has given us a glimpse of what synergy looks like by connecting people all over the world beyond boundaries.  Synergy Hubs take the internet one step further by restructuring data into a holonic world wide web.  Holons not only make visible complex synergistic relationships, but they remain entangled at every level no matter which hub we are using or holon we are looking at.  Synergy can provide a portal in to a new era of cooperation for humanity.

The Metta-Hub

The Metta Hub is a ‘lens’ we can use to explore all the Synergy Hubs together.  Because all the hubs are forever interconnected through their holonic structure, it is also possible to explore them all in one go.

A New Way To Do Business

‘Co-creator Synergy Hubs’ offer a new lifestyle alternative for humanity and the ‘millennial’ generation through Synergistic Co-creation.  Synergy Hub 1.0 is a prototype Co-creator Synergy Hub currently being developed in Rotterdam.  Noomap will also offer other types of Synergy Hubs for more traditional business interests (Co-operator Synergy Hubs) and social enterprises (Collaborator Synergy Hubs).  The unique benefits of Co-creator Synergy Hubs include:

  • Get involved in projects that most excite you – ‘live your dreams’
  • Self-organise a community in a ‘flash’ in response to a problem or crisis
  • Set up projects and organisations using Synergistic Co-creation
  • Find synergistic co-creators for your projects
  • Use collective intelligence to problem solve and respond to local issues
  • Synergistically resource your needs – swap, exchange, gift as well as buy
  • Co-create with friends who share your passions and interests
  • Organise intelligence and projects in fractal libraries
  • Open source projects to improve community participation
  • Focus collective energy on creative possibility and break free of material, survival mindsets
  • See how synergy improves the well being of you and the planet!

Imagine… stepping into a dome where you can see and call in the thoughts of anyone on the planet.  With the power of your hands you can draw towards you the ideas and thoughts that you are most interested in.  The ones that are most like yours twinkle and glow.  Some of them are passions, some of them are resources, some of them are dreams, some of them are intentions, some feature art… there are many gifts to behold.  You re-arrange everything in a flash based on a new thought…  You see the universe and the people around you as you’ve never seen things before.

Noomap structures information using holons, which is how the brain structures data.  When we are in a Synergy Hub it is like being able to see a web of people’s thoughts.  Can you imagine how different the world looks and what you might do?

Gift Economy

A Doorway to the Gift Economy

In Synergy Hubs there are multiple ways a need can be resourced, which means that money is not the prime currency.  In a Synergy Hub people are free to explore other ways of ‘doing business’ and experiment with other kinds of exchanges and transactions, stimulating a gift culture.  There is a profound level of new freedom and creativity to be had here.  It can also show how our inner gifts, our visions, skills, desires, passions and intentions are fuel and fire worth getting excited and motivated about, revealing that money need not be humanity’s only source of inspiration or exchange.