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Terms of Use

Noomap is a humanitarian project and community network in emergence and development.  We envision a world where people share and give freely and we are working towards creating a structure for Noomap that will allow for open use of our resources.  For now, we invite you to honor our terms of use, as we service the transitional needs of the network.

Use of Content

All information provided on this website is provided in good faith for information purposes and expresses the network’s desires and intentions as we expand our vision.   The network cannot be held liable for any circumstances arising from the contents.

The information can be freely distributed if it is credited to Noomap with the exception of images which are not the property of the network.

As far as possible, permissions and relevant licenses have been secured for all images used on the website; please contact us if you believe we have used an image in error.

Noomap Stewardship and Licensing

All intellectual property and copyright associated with Noomap is under stewardship of the Noomap Co-creation Network.  Resonant communities and co-creators (including developers, coders etc) who share our intention can participate in its development to serve their own visions through access to a Community License and Co-creator Agreement.  The terms of participation are based on alignment, not finance.  Please contact us if you are interested in using and developing Noomap and would like a Community License. This resonance-based model will be used for licensing in the short term.  In the medium to long term, Noomap will be open sourced.